Project Name: Paral
Project Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Clients: Paral
Project Type:Art Gallery & Bar
Design Year & Completion Year: 2021
Total Area: 120㎡
Design Firm: Studio MOR(Partner-in-charge: Megan Shen, Le Li)
Contractor: Hangzhou Youban Co.,Ltd.
Furnitures: Zhejiang Nuoyin Co.,Ltd.
Photo Credits: Eiichi Kano, Tuzi Bing

Paral, short for parallel, is located in the lower town of Hangzhou. The space is divided into three, gallery in front and bar hidden behind, and a lounge in between. Proposed to harmoniously combine different art styles in layers to physical space. We explored three different art movements in the form of geometric shapes in each space, from American Realism, Surrealism to Post-Impressionism, from form to deform. Each space with its destinated art styles is suffused with psychological implications. 
American Realism style is to imply “Alienation and Connection”, addressing its relations with the neighborhood. Whimsical surrealistic shapes and post-impressionism style is to manifest feelings in the form of art between “Reality and Illusion”.
The relationship of the neighborhood and the gallery space has a strong sense of “Alienation and Connection” which suffuses with American Realism. Regular geometric shapes (square and circle) in the gallery space are inspired by geometrical form from Edward Hopper’s modern realism artwork. The square window is placed to capture reality in the neighborhood, and the round window captures reality in the bar. 
Lounge area is set between gallery and bar, a place to address the “In-between” relationship from reality to illusion. The concept of “In-between” is expressed via the distorted shapes, inspired by the expressive and mystical touch from Salvador Dalí’s work “The Persistence of Memory”. Art forms on the wall are geometric shapes from the gallery were objects but distorted to initiate the difference between reality and illusion; demands for freedom like the freedom we have when dreaming.
Our word for the bar space is presented via the painted mirror hanging above the bar counter, illustrating the feeling of loneliness and mysteriousness behind each face. The use of texture, muted colors, and painted mirror are all inspired by post-impressionist Van Gogh, dark walnut, brownish paint, and bringing together in a harmonious gloom.